Open Access: Food Sovereignty and Alternative Development in Palestine

Eine Schwerpunktausgabe des Journals für Entwicklungspolitik, gestaltet von Helmut Krieger, ehemaliger Projektleiter der KEF.

Aus der Journalbeschreibung:

"After more than 20 years of the Oslo process and its dominant development model, the multiple crises in Palestine lend urgency to the exploration of alternatives to the status quo. This special issue contributes to current debates on alternative development and ‘resistance economy’ by discussing the significance agricultural cooperatives have in the occupied Palestinian territories and linking their experiences to the food sovereignty approach. What kind of alternative development is envisaged by agricultural cooperatives in Palestine in response to neoliberal development models of economic growth and the Israeli occupation? How can community-based agricultural cooperatives initiate processes of alternative development in Palestine?

The authors of this issue contribute to a better understanding of the multiple (development) crises in Palestine and analyse cooperatives’ experiences and strategies from academic as well as activist perspectives."

Open Access Version gefördert durch die Kommission für Entwicklungsforschung