Unsichere Zeiten für Wissenschafter/innen

Ein Artikel befasst sich mit Risiken, denen Wissenschafter/innen weltweit heutzutage ausgesetzt sind.

"Scholars at Risk: precarity in the Academe and Possible Solutions" lautet der Titel eines Artikel von Kees Biekart und Rod Mena im "ISS Blog on Global Development and Social Justice".

Aus dem Abstract:
"The environment in which scholars are expected to produce societally relevant knowledge seems to become increasingly insecure. An estimated six hundred cases reported over the past two years of academics being subjected to arrests, threats, physical or verbal abuse, violent assault, prosecution or job losses have led us to raise the question: How safe is the academic milieu for scholars? This article, based on the Scholars at Risk seminar organised by the ISS in September 2017, discusses the precarious situation of academics and presents alternatives to current risky environments, particularly strategies both at the individual and institutional level for protecting scholars at risk."